Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States

Before the election I noted that one of God's judgments on nations was to give them immature and unqualified rulers. After the already near-eternal first eight months of his term (please God forgive us and limit it to one!) in office, it has become abundantly clear that President Obama is exactly that. The economy is still in the tank (that tends to happen when the only possible outcome of the steps you take is to make things worse); the war in Afghanistan, the one candidate Obama declared crucial to the war on terror, is about to be abandoned; and the world community, the group that was supposed to love America again after Bush was replaced just snubbed the Obamas' personal plea for Chicago to get the Olympics.

We are in deep trouble here folks. And we deserve it. Repentance, like judgment must begin at the house of God. It was not in the end the wickedness of Sodom that led to destruction, but rather the failure of Lot to see to the rightousness of his own family. We can't fix this problem by voting in a new President. What we need is for God's people to have a King ruling over their hearts and lives. That's the only solution. In the meantime, pray like David that God will withhold the judgment we deserve.


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