Ted Kennedy Dies; Mary Jo Kopechne Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Just over forty years after coldly and deliberately deciding that his political career was more important than a young woman's life, Ted Kennedy has finally gone to his eternal "reward". (Hint: he just thought global "warming" was bad.) There is a sense in which I feel sorry for him. Teddy's ruthless and immoral father produced offspring who followed his footsteps all too well. But personal responsibility demands more than blaming dad.

In a more just world, Kennedy would have spent at least years if not decades in jail for his crimes rather than being firmly entrenched in the Senate. I'm not glad he's dead. I don't rejoice in the death of the wicked. But I am glad he will never spend another of my dollars on one of his insane follies. I am glad he will never promote the murder of another unborn and innocent child. I am glad he will never lie about another judge like Robert Bork. I am glad he won't be spewing his liberal twaddle any more. Good riddance.


At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are very ignorant. I'll post the actual truth about Ted Kennedy, "brother".

Ted was set up. There is a witness. The witness is no longer a little girl @ 8 years old. She is a grown adult and my professor's best friend.

All these years, even Ted, thought he killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

He did not.

He and Mary Jo were drugged at his party. Mary Jo was part of the family. They took them into a room, they fed them drinks with drugs in it. Ted, nor Mary Jo, had no idea these individuals were drugging them to destroy them.

Both were drugged. They were taken into separate cars.

The thing that the little girl watched was the entire set up.

The witness heard a commotion outside. She walked out and hid and watched.

There were many black cars. Men in black suits and ties. They began blocking off the roads around Chappiquiddick.

She saw Ted in the back of one of the black sedans. There was a man in a dark suit next to him in the back seat. Ted was completely passed out and unconscious.

The car in front of them, contained Mary Jo Kopechne. Next to her was a man in a black suit. There were many men there taking part in this fraud. The idea was to destroy Ted so that he could not get into office. They killed the president, they killed the two boys that the daughter had been with and was to marry and her so she could no longer live and be a threat via proxy of her husband being brought into the Kennedy family. They destroyed Ted on purpose to destroy his chances at getting into that much power of a presidential seat, as the Kennedy's could literally walk right in and obtain that role and the people loved them. The Kennedy's, you see, believed in the "PEOPLE" not the money, as they had it all.. Their enemies, didn't believe in people, they believed in duping them, stealing and keeping them slaves unknowing of their being puppets to them for covet means.

There was another guy who drove up in front of the two cars Ted and Mary Jo were in. They pulled Ted's car up to the edge of the bridge where it was later found into the water contained with Kopechne.

The guy got out of Ted's car, after positioning it at the edge of where it was pushed in with Mary Jo in it. He got out of the front driver's seat, went over opened the passenger side door of Ted's car. Then, he went over to the car with Mary Jo in the vehicle. She was unconscious. Two men pulled her out of the car and placed her into the passenger seat. Closed the door and they pushed her into the water with her alive in the water.

Ted, was not in that car. He was unconscious in the back seat of that car.

I connected Ted to the witness. My professor disappeared. I have not been able to find him. But, before Ted died, he thought he was responsible for the death of Mary Jo. He wound up in the hospital because of what I told him. As I told him how they did it, who they were and that he was set up and his whole family destroyed, murdered to keep them down. I told him how they do it. I told him the actual truth and had back up to provide him to solidify the truth.

There were black cars lined up parked all along and they all took part and knew the truth. The solidarity of brotherhood is kept by bribery, advancement, riches, threats to have the same thing done to them and theirs or blackmail. This is why it is so closed shut. They see and know all. The eye on the dollar isn't God's. It is corrupt freemasonry/cia fronted agencies to advanced their international political agenda for covet means and they are not for the people. They are black ops for the brotherhood alliance.

At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you go dispelling the actual truth. We all know now how you discredit and make the victims look like victimizers or mentally ill fraud.

Good luck with your agenda. The truth is coming to shine the light on all of you.

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...

Loved your title!


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