George Washington Slept Here

I learned something very interesting (to me, but then it's my blog...) over the weekend. Brenda and I have been doing some research into our family trees. It's been fun to see what we can find. We've even made a couple of trips, visiting old cemeteries and digging through stacks of old books and records at libraries.

Anyhow, my parents came for a visit and I was hunting some things on my dad's side of the family. On his mother's side, my eighth great-grandmother was Elizabeth Warner. She was born in Virginia in 1672 and died in 1719 (Two hundred and ninety years ago). From her and her husband, the line runs through the Lewises to the Alexanders to the Cannons to the Byerses.

The interesting thing came in when I found that Elizabeth Warner had an older sister named Mildred...who married Lawrence Washington and had a son named Augustine, who had a son named George (him, you've probably heard of). I'm not very good with the whole third cousin twice removed thing. But since my ancestor was George Washington's great aunt (that part I'm sure of), I'm at least a little bit related to the Father of Our Country.

And that's pretty cool.


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