Where's the Gipper When we Need Him?

Five years ago today, the greatest president of my lifetime, Ronald Wilson Reagan, died at 93 years of age. He took office in a time of great economic chaos (much higher unemployemnt, inflation and interest rates than now) and by the use of free market principles and conservative philosophy ushed in an era of incredible growth and prosperity. In addition to forcing the Soviet Union to the brink (as Jack Kemp used to say, "Communism didn't fall, it was pushed") Reagan also revitalized America's spirit at home.

His heirs largely didn't share his vision for a strong and prosperous America that is inextricably linked to the values of individual freedom, and as a result, we're rapidly squandering both. Those who are too young to remember the 70s don't understand the pessimism and fear that gripped America in those days...but it's going to be back with a vengeance soon. If we don't get another leader like Reagan (and as much as I hate to say, there simply isn't one out there at the moment) we're going to find out where that road leads. And I don't think the "shining city on a hill" is going to like the answer very much.

I fear that, as they said of General George Patton, we shall not see his like again.


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