I Wish it Was All a Joke

...but it's all very real.

1) President Obama has placed a 31 year old with no automotive experience in charge of General Motors. I'm sure my "investment" and "ownership" share is in good hands.

2) President Obama called America one of the "largest Muslim nations in the world."

3) More than half a million more people lost their jobs in May. So far President Obama's plan to "save or create" jobs is not working so good. In fact, he's averaging a job loss of 16,000 per day every day since he was inaugurated.

4) President Obama, who during the campaign said his father was "atheistic or agnostic" now says his dad was Muslim. Hope and change indeed.

5) A nutjob who claims to be a Christian kills an abortion doctor and the President issues a condemnation. A nutjob who claims to be a Muslim kills a US soldier at an Army recruiting station and the President issues....nothing at all. Not worthy of his notice.

Will the news media cover these things in depth and detail? Take a look at this photo and you tell me:

Yep, that's NBC "news" anchor Brian Williams bowing to the President at the conclusion of their White House interview.


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