The Decline and Fall of the United States of America

No great civilization can long survive the collapse of some sense of public morality. Some people argue with George Washington's assertion that religion is indispenable to such morality; history does not. Any nation that honors the immoral and "call[s] evil good" as the prophet Isaiah put it is on a steep slope to destruction.

Yes, we're there. Yes, I'm talking about the national media/public obsession with the funeral service for a child-abusing, drug-abusing, once talented freak. No, he's not in a better place. No, Al Sharpton, he was indeed "strange." (I do feel very sorry for his three kids, who are about to become pawns in a fight that's liable to take years and chew up whatever, if anything, is left of their inheritance. They don't deserve what's coming next.) It's a sad sign of the decline of our country. A better generation would not have tolerated Jackson, let alone lionized him.

We're in sad shape. And I'm afraid it's going to get a lot worse. The things we have lost are not easily, if ever, recovered. A few months back I heard a preacher say, "No nation in history that turned its back on God ever returned to Him without an intervening judgment."


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