The Cowardice of Their Convictions

The Democrats in Congress are vocal in their opposition of the plan to send additional troops to Iraq to try to quell the violence, particularly in Baghdad. They're keen to pass a "non-binding" resolution opposing the surge. And yet...

They by and large don't have the guts to go ahead and do what a genuine belief in what they are saying would require. With very few exceptions such as Russ Feingold (who is still a complete idiot, but at least is consistent) they aren't willing to take responsibility for trying to actually stop the surge and bring the troops home. This is most despicable form of craven behavior. They say they believe that sending additional troops will be a disaster, but they aren't willing to do anything but preen against it.

There are only two options here. 1) The Dems do not believe what they are saying, in which case they are damaging the morale of our troops in battle for political advantage. Frankly, that borders on treason. 2) The Dems do believe what they are saying, in which case they are condemning our troops to die uselessly for political advantage, because it would cost them too much political capital to get the troops home. That borders on premeditated manslaughter if not murder.

Neither of those options are very flattering. I am not convinced that the surge is the answer. A few dozen well-placed military and industrial "accidents" and "heart attacks" in Iran and Syria would probably be more effective. But for Heaven's sake, if you believe what the Dems say about the surge, you MUST as a loyal American marshal all of your power and influence and fight against it--not with meaningless resolutions designed to gain headlines but with all the legislative weapons at your disposal.

And furthermore, when the general who designed the plan that is now going to be put into effect comes before you for confirmation, he would not gain unanimous approval! If JFK were alive today, he'd have to write a book about his party called Profiles in Cowardice. (By the way, if JFK, Truman or FDR were alive today, they would be leading their party in an entirely different direction--or leaving it as Reagan did!) It's disgusting. America deserves better than this.


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