Best Immigration Solution Ever

Everybody talks about illegal immigration, but not very many people seem to really be interested in solving the problem. Well today I came across the best solution I've seen yet from Free Frank Warner: (Hat tip No Left Turns)

By setting the minimum wage for illegal immigrants at a handsome $14.50 an hour, several problems would be solved.
* It would encourage foreigners with more education and training to come to the United States. If they’re going to sneak in illegally, it wouldn’t hurt anyone if they bring high-level skills.
* It would encourage employers to check thoroughly whether their employees are illegal immigrants. If an employer pays the American citizen’s minimum wage and then the worker turns out to be an illegal immigrant, the employer would have to pay the missed wages and heavy penalties, and worse, he might have to go to jail for theft.

There's lots more...and it's well worth reading the whole thing.


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