Nick Saban Is the Right Coach for Bama

From his press conference:

"I know there are tremendous expectations here for what you would like to accomplish at this football program. And I can tell that, however you feel about it, I have even higher expectations…I want to win every game we play.

Work every day to dominate your opponent…relentless in the competitive spirit. I want every team we play to say, ‘I hate playing against these guys.’ That takes a lot of conditioning and preparation, and it takes a mindset that says you’re going to compete for sixty minutes, regardless of the score."

Works for me...


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Dan Burrell said...

Yeah....but can you REALLY believe him when he says that.

As they are saying in South Florida (and elsewhere)....

How do you know when Nick Sabban is lying?

When his lips are moving.


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