Remember Pearl Harbor

65 years ago today, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Dad told me that (because of the time zone difference) he heard the news at church that Sunday night. Of course for our generation, the relevant comparison is 9/11. The initial reaction to such a horrific event is to think that it changes everything and will never be forgotten...but people aren't like that. We do forget. And we need reminders. Because just as then, we have enemies who are trying to kill us.

We won World War II...and we shouldn't forget that either. Or how it happened. It took clear-sighted leadership (from both parties) and commitment, from both people and leadership. We didn't win by looking for "exit strategies." (And we STILL have troops in Germany and Japan.) The courage and sacrifice of those who died at Pearl Harbor is still shown by our troops today...it's the leadership part I'm worried about. So amid the remembrances of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for the men and women serving today. And for those who determine their missions. And for us.


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