ESPN and its Idiot Readers

The people at ESPN are not exactly noted for their intelligence. Rather, they've long been (rightly) decried for their bias against the SEC and their slanted "news" coverage. Today, they outdid themselves. On line, they have a poll regarding Bama's hiring of Nick Saban which includes the following gems:

STUPID QUESTION #1 (6) Is Saban an upgrade from Mike Shula?
57.3% Yes
42.7% No

UPDATE: The response to this question is now (5 CST) 50-50 (50.3 to 49.7 to be exact). Folks, my 19 year old daughter who likes baseball better than football would be an upgrade from Mike Shula. Keep in mind that the people who answer this question are also able to vote (well eligible--whether they can find the polling place is another question)...and then you will grasp the reason we have such trouble getting good people in office.

STUPID QUESTION #2 (7) Did Alabama fire Shula prematurely? (26-23 over 4 seasons, 10-2 in 2005, 1-1 in bowls, 0-8 vs. LSU and Auburn)
71.3% Yes
28.7% No

Anybody who would ask either of those questions is too dumb to be let out without a minder...and to the 42.7 and 71.3 per cent respectively who answered those two exceedingly stupid questions wrong, what color is the sky on your planet????


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