VERY Interesting

Nobody knows what's coming tomorrow, but there are signs here and there that it may not be what the Democrats and the media (there I go being redundant again) are expecting. Before we get too excited, there are also signs that the Dems will gain control of at least the House and possibly the Senata. As noted at the beginning, we just don't know.

Here are two straws in the wind from Michigan. 1) Late polling from one firm puts the race at 3 or 4 points (both governor and Senator) compared to others showing big leads for the Dem incumbents. Is this a break like the one that carried Engler over the top in 1990? (Or Do-Nothing Debbie in 2000?) Don't know. 2) The GOP in Michigan is bragging about their absentee vote farm program. They ID'd about a million people who showed signs of being Republicans but who were "low propensity" to vote in a mid-term election year. 62% of the absentee ballots received by the state are names from that list! If the GOTV effort on election day in Detroit/Wayne County falls short (and there is bad blood between the governor and the local people) this could be the upset of the night. Virtually everybody is giving this one to the Dems as a hold. If the Reps could steal one here, all bets are off. (Hat tip to Polipundit and Slate)

Stay tuned.


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