At the Risk of Being Cynical (Not that it's Ever Stopped Me!)

The timing of the disclosures about the alleged moral failings of Ted Haggard are intended, just as the Mark Foley emails (spread by Democratic operatives and held by ABC for MONTHS!), to influence the election next week--specifically by depressing the turnout of Christian voters. This tactic worked superbly for the Dems in 2000 with the George Bush DUI leak the weekend of the election. Hundreds of thousands of Christians did not go vote, and as a result, Bush lost the popular vote and nearly lost the White House. (If you ever pray, you should get down on your knees every night and thank God that Al Gore was not President on 9/11...and I mean that with complete honesty and sincerity.)

I don't know whether all of the charges are true. Haggard has apparently admitted to at least some of them, and resigned his position at his church and with the NAE. But the Denver TV station that broke the story had it for several weeks according to their account. Think they just "happened" to decide they had enough backing for it yesterday instead of say next Thursday???

The sad reality is that, as the prophet Nathan said of King David, when believers sin, we give God's enemies cause to drag His name in the dirt. And in the grand scheme of things, that matters a lot more than the outcome of a few close political races. That said, I would urge every reader to go vote anyhow. Haggard isn't on the ballot...and his sinful behavior shouldn't cause you to shirk your responsibility as an American citizen.


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