One More Thought on Ted Haggard

In 1983, there was a scandal in Washington (shocking right?) involving Congressmen and pages. Two men, one Republican (Dan Crane with a girl) and one Democrat (Gerry Studds with a boy) were found to have been involved with underage pages. (For what it's worth, Crane's political career ended, while Studds served 12 more years...and people say there's no difference between the parties. Hogwash.)

My father and I were watching the news when Crane called his press conference to confess his immoral behavior. With his wife at his side and tears in his eyes, he recounted and expressed regret for his conduct. My dad said, "I don't know how much pleasure he got, but it wasn't worth that!" I've never forgotten that statement. If more people thought about the consequences of their actions, there would be fewer public disgraces.


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