The Trail of Tears

Yes, I am aware (as several of you have been kind enough to point out) that it has been several weeks now that this blog has been sleeping.

We have finished the move to a new state and a new house (well except for a couple of stray boxes in the garage), I've--mostly--settled into the new job, and we just returned tonight from taking the kids to college. Given that they were born about six weeks ago, I'm not sure how it's possible that it's time for them to go to college at all...let alone considering how the summer vanished in a haze of trips on Southwest Airlines from Phoenix to Tulsa and back again.

We drove off yesterday after they turned and waved goodbye and walked into the student center together. And mostly we took turns crying (it's hard to drive when you're both bawling your eyes out) as we made the long trip home. The hard thing is knowing that the kids are in a great place, receiving a great education, and having a great time...at the same time we're missing them so much.

It's a good thing we've got the dogs!


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