All the News That's Fit to Help Terrorists

Again this week, over the objections of the people whose job it is to keep us safe from terrorists, the New York Times published details of how we're doing the job. This pathetic exercise in self-interest is as close to an act of treason as you can come without being named Benedict Arnold. They are not defending the public's right to know; they are not defending the freedom of the press--plain and simple, they are helping our enemies in a time of war.

To give them the benefit of a very dubious doubt, they do not believe we are in a war. How they can reach this conclusion given the proximity of their office to Ground Zero is a mystery, but it is a reality. These unelected and unaccountable "deciders in chief" believe that we are at more risk from those who are trying to defend us than we are from those who have already repeatedly attacked us. There's no other reason I can think of for the behavior that knowingly helps the terrorists. And that's what the NYT is doing. In light of their behavior, the fact that their stock price and their circulation are both in steep decline is hardly enough punishment for their sins.

It's almost enough to make me subscribe to their treasonous rag just so I can have the satisfaction of cancelling it.


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