Major Life Upheaval

As noted by a couple of commenters, this blog has been observing radio silence ("going dark" in 24-speak) for the past few weeks. Although silence certainly isn't my natural condition, there are mitigating circumstances.

I have accepted a new job in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in addition to travel back and forth from Arizona, I've been working on getting the house ready to put on the market, keep up with old work while learning an entire new process, and other assorted miscellaneous burdens that have pushed the blog far down life's priority list.

For those of you who pray, we would greatly appeciate your intercession in our effort to sell a house in a horribly flat local real estate market. Last year houses in our area were selling within days of listing; now it's months--if they sell at all. An extra request for sanity as we try to juggle travel schedules, summer school (the kids, not me!), and the pressures of selling the perfect house we were going to live in forever (not to mention trying to find a new one long distance).

Many things are going on in the world that deserve comment. And while I must reserve the right to remain silent, I don't expect that silence to last forever!


At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope everything will work out OK for you as you work out in OK.

(This pun wasn't really good, but it wasn't really bad. It was just OK)


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