Kyl Strikes Back

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Jim Pederson's stealth campaign for Arizona Senator. Now Jon Kyl has unleased a very effective counterpunch ad. It begans with a picture of Pederson from his ad, and both the voiceover and the words on the screen say "Jim Pederson, former Democrat State Party chair." In one swoop it nails a party id in place on a man who's frantically running from it, and sets up an even more devastating blow. They show the clip from Pederson saying his immigration plan "is not amnesty." Then they follow that up with Pederson's praise of the 1986 amnesty. I'm not exactly an unbiased witness, but it really strikes at Pederson's credibility. Then Kyl follows up with praise for his immigration plan from a variety of news sources. By demolishing Pederson's stealth attempt to run apart from party labels and exposing the hypocrisy of his amnesty-oriented immigration plan, Kyl gets a two-fer, and his ad gets an A+ from me.


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