Why 12 Million Illegals? Three Day's Notice of Inspections!

Yesterday I spent some time talking to a senior Border Patrol agent (nearly 20 years on the job) here in Arizona about the “reform” making its way through Congress and what he thought would come of it. (In short, he said it’s all window-dressing and nothing will change.) In the course of the conversation he told me something that totally blew my mind.

Before they are allowed to go to an agricultural facility—a farm or a ranch—and check to see if the workers are legal, they are required to give the owner two to three days notice! I honestly thought he was joking. When he saw the look on my face, he assured me he was serious. I asked if they ever found any illegal aliens in such a search, and he laughed. And no wonder…with three day’s notice, even in the slowest moving person in the world can be out of sight when the officers show up.

The next time you hear there are 12 million illegal aliens in the country, remember this story and understand why nothing is being done about it. Folks, no matter what the Congresscritters say about being serious about enforcement, don’t believe it. The stuff they put in the laws that they brag about, they then turn around and quietly undermine with regulations that don’t get any publicity. Make no mistake about it, the campaign contributors will see to it that Congress forces the men and women who are charged with catching illegal aliens to work with their hands tied behind their backs.

So when you hear that this time they’re serious, remember the three days notice and don’t buy what they’re selling.


At 8:52 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

I've been wondering what the immigration issue looks like down in your neck of the woods...


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