Channeling John McEnroe; Then Changing my Mind

Today one of the worst-kept secrets in TV history was finally officially confirmed as Katie Couric announced she is leaving NBC to become the anchor of the CBS evening news. My initial reaction was to channel John McEnroe on the tennis court--"You cannot be serious!"

But on reflection the move makes perfect sense. For decades CBS has had the most liberal anchors in America. In Walter Cronkite, followed by Dan Rather, the news chair was occupied by someone who cast a dim eye on America's role in the world. We had Cronkite's convincing but wholly false report of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam as an American defeat. We had Rather reading "fake but accurate" memos in a piece designed to hurt President Bush's reelection effort. So why not Katie? She's probably the most liberal, anti-Bush, anti-war on terror person on network news today. Katie's a perfect fit for CBS...and one more reason (if anyone still needs one) not to watch.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Last night on Special Report Charles Krauhammer had a great point. He said during the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite said we were losing the war, and the country believed. If today Katie Couric said we were losing in Iraq, would it have the same effect? Hardly.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Robert said...

I understand his point about perceived weight, but then again, consider this...Katie (and lots of her buddies) have been saying we're losing in Iraq, and it is having an effect. People believe things are going horribly because they don't read your reports. So I think it does still matter.


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