Jobs Americans Won't Do

One of the constant refrains we keep hearing from the pro-illegal immigration crowd is that it's an economic necessity to have them here because they fill "jobs Americans won't do." My initial reaction to that was to scoff at it, but after some reflection, perhaps we could get some illegal aliens in the following positions, since the people who hold them certainly aren't doing the job.

1) Immigration Enforcement. If there truly are 12,000,000 illegals here in the United States that's a clear sign that a bunch of Americans aren't doing their jobs. They're winking and turning a blind eye to a problem they're supposed to fix. But in fairness, most of the blame for that rests with...

2) Congressional Leadership. Our Congresscritters have repeatedly put pressure on the enforcemen agencies to back off, because of pressure they are receiving from their donors in the business world. Rather than lead the safety and defense of our nation as they are sworn to do, they're more worried about lining their pockets with campaign contributions than in doing their job. But in fairness, much of the blame for that rests with...

3) Presidential Leadership. It's no secret that in most cases I'm a big fan and supporter of President Bush. But on this issue, he is not just wrong, but dangerously wrong. Whether his motivations are political (trying to sway the growing Hispanic vote) or economic (trying to assuage the concerns...or line the pockets...of the buisness community) his desire to protect and promote illegal immigrants is a disheartening failure to uphold his oath of office. But the worst offenders are...

4) Business Owners. A person who knowingly hires an illegal alien to save money on wages or benefits or because he "just can't find Americans" to do the job is a dishonest, disloyal cheat who is contributing to the decline of our country. If you truly cannot stay in business legally (which I don't believe for a second) then you should get out of business. Integrity used to mean something, but apparently not so much anymore.

So I say we should try out some illegals in a few of these jobs and see what happens. The results could hardly be worse than what we're seeing now.

I want to close with this observation from the brilliant Victor Davis Hanson on the protests going on across the country: "Why march in protest waving the flag of a country to which you do not wish to return while screaming insults at the people with whom you wish to live?"


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Big D said...

I think if I had to decide which branch of Congress was more screwed up, I would have to say THE SENATE. Our founders tried to insulate them from the public on purpose, so that their discussions could transcend politics at times and focus on what is best for AMERICA. I am here to say that I think it is time for a reform of the Senate. These dogs that are presently in there have no wish to hunt or fight. It is time to kick this bunch out and find some fresh new pups who don't mind getting into a scrap!

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Heh, well said...

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Jack H said...

Greetings. Good points. I seem to be obsessing over the issue myself, recently, and I wrote in my own wonderful blog, posted here,


the following:

"We have tolerated them. They are here by sufferance. But they are not necessary. We can tend our own infants, as we always have. We have neighborhood kids to mow lawns. We have teenagers who will prepare fast food. We have young men who will do hard labor for a living wage. It has always been so, and all the illegal alien has done is lower the cost of labor, while raising the cost of healthcare and housing and education. They have caused a price war in labor that our entry-level workers cannot win. But let none delude themselves that Americans cannot work. We have transformed the world with our muscle and our sweat - the honorable toil of those born here, and those who have joined us honorably. If a germ of indolence has for a time infected us, it was bred by a policy of governmental entitlements and unearned largesse that enabled sloth and discouraged enterprise. But we can find again our pride of work and our ethic of diligence. So, no. They are not necessary."

Just thought I'd share. :-)


Jack Holiday


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