It Ain't Rocket Surgery

I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about how since there are 12,000,000 (!) illegal immigrants here in the United States that means there are too many of them to do anything about. "We can't possibly round them all up," the constant refrain goes. In the first place, if our government immigration officials had any guts and/or brains, they'd simply go to these huge rallies, and check ID on every person there. Have planes standing by on the runway to haul off the "undocumented" (how I hate that weaselly politically correct term).

But seriously, one simple step would get about 10,000,000 of them out of the country--on their own dime! Issue fraud proof Social Security cards (if the technology exists for money...) and require every employer to reverify their employees. If the jobs went away, so would most of the problem. Will this happen? Given the clout of the small business community, I doubt it. Should it? Starting before sundown wouldn't be too soon.


At 7:19 PM, Blogger brian rahn said...

Having never visited the Mexican border, my perspective may be limited, but don't we need to secure the border before we ship them back to Mexico? If we don't, it seems we are just giving them a free plane ride...as they will return as fast as their feet will carry them. It's hard to be too hard on the illegals when we don't give a rip about our border.

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Robert said...

That's the beauty of cutting off the job supply--they won't come back if the financial incentive to break the law is removed...and we won't have to fly them home. I truly believe that many of them would return on their own once they realized we were serious about enforcement and they started getting turned down at the construction company and the landscape company and the produce farm.


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