Is Flag Burning Protected Speech? It Depends Which One

If you burn an American flag, it's free speech (at least according to current Supreme Court decision--I think that's nuts, and don't recommend you attempt to exercise that right in my presence!) and you cannot be prosecuted. However, if you burn a Mexican flag in protest against the pro-illegal immigration folks, that will get you charged with a crime in Tucson, Arizona.

For the record, I wouldn't burn a Mexican flag, and don't think Roy Warden should have done so. But if freedom of speech means it is OK to burn an American flag, in the name of what logic can it be illegal to burn a Mexican one?

This is just one more example of political correctness run amok. For the sake of clarity, here's what you need to know:

"Undocumented workers" are illegal aliens--as in people are breaking the law.
"Guest worker program" is something that already exists for people who are willing to follow the rules...but that isn't what the President means--he means amnesty, but realizes the public won't back it if he calls it what it is.
"Fence" is a four-letter word to people (on both sides of the border and in both political parties) who want to keep the flow of illegal immigrants going strong.
"Majority" is what the Republican Party is trying to give away in both the House and the Senate.


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