Why the Democrats Support Immigration "Reform"

On the surface the Democratic Party's backing of the immigration "reform" being pushed by the Senate makes no sense. The influx of illegals harms their two most loyal groups of supporters--unions and African-Americans. Low wage workers who have no benefits undermine the efforts of unions to increase wages for their members, and the huge unemployment among the African-American community (in contrast to the near record low 4.6% nationwide) is in large part a direct result of jobs being taken by illegals and therefore not being available. So why are the Democrats so committed to offering amnesty and eventual citizenship to millions?

Just ask Francine Busby. If you've missed this story, here's how it goes. Busby is the Democratic candidate in the special election being held Tuesday in California's 50th Congressional district to replace disgraced Congressman Randy Cunningham. She's in a tight race with huge implications for this fall. If a traditionally safe Republican district send a Dem to DC, the talk of a sweeping win becomes more plausible. If the donkeys can't sell the "culture of corruption" message in Cunningham's old district, where will it play? With that as background...

This week a Latino man asked Busby at a rally how he could help the campaign since he "didn't have papers." She replied, "You don't need papers for voting." Yep, you read that right! She's tried weasling out of her words all different kinds of ways since, but the tape recorders were running, and the audio is up all over the Internet. This is the most (really only) logical explanation for the Dems' position on immigration. They're running a vote farm. With their efforts over the past few years to make it easier for people to register and even vote without ID, they are laying the groundwork for even more massive vote fraud than we saw in 04. (Without widespread fraud, Bush would almost certainly have carried Wisconsin, and Christine "Fraudoire" wouldn't be governor of Washington.)

Now if only there were some logical explanation for Bush and the Republican Senators' position...


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think youre a bit confused on who committed voting fraud. What about the Ohio voting districts? The Republican districts in Ohio had lots of voting machines and voters were in and out quickly whereas Democratic districts had fewer machines and voters had to wait in very long lines to vote!
I, a Democrat am all for immigration reform but nothing near to this farce that the Senate has put through. I dont believe we should reward law breakers by givig them citizenship and amazingly enough the bill callsfor giving them back Social Security payments! No wonder the system will be broke by the time I can collect!
Steve, San Francisco Ca


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