Football Culture

We lived in Arizona for a little over seven years. I was just as big a Bama fan out there as I've been my whole life, andin all the other places we've lived. But football just wasn't that big a deal out there. This past weekend I wore one of my shirts and hats as we ran our errands. More people commented on my clothing choice on that one day than did the whole time we lived in the desert.

I like football fans...even the ones who cheer for the right colors but the wrong team!


At 11:55 PM, Blogger still breathing said...

the wrong team?
i don't think such a team exists...do all people have to cheer for the winning team ONLY?
if so, then how would that make them fans?

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Robert said...

To clarify, in this context the "wrong" team would be Oklahoma, where they do wear crimson, but aren't the Tide.


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