Dear Pat Robertson, Please Shut Up!

The exhibited lunacy of Pat Robertson once again embarrassed just about every thinking Christian in America today when he suggested that Ariel Sharon had suffered a stroke as a judgment of God for dividing the land of Israel. I know he makes good copy, and the media is never reluctant to display something that's embarrassing to Christians, but really, is there anybody left who takes that loon seriously?

In the first place, his statement ignores reality. Ariel Sharon is a 77 year old overweight man in poor health (he was already scheduled for surgery the day after his stroke) who is on blood thinning medication--a prime candidate for cerebral hemorage. In the second place, Sharon decision to turn Gaza over to the Palestinian Anarchy (there certainly is no authority there!) was, rather than giving up holy ground, a brilliant stroke that has exposed the terrorist thugs to the world, or at least to as much of the world as is willing to look. It also frees Israel's hands to respond to terrorist attacks with much greater force, freed from the burden of worrying about casualties of their own, or hostages being taken in response. Third, the Bible clearly teaches (remember that book Pat?) that every man has an appointed day to meet God.

Of course God could strike down someone in judgment. He did with Herod, as recorded in the Book of Acts. But it is beyond presumptous for mortals to assume they know He has done so. Shame on you, Pat Robertson. You are a disgrace to the Lord and to your fellow believers. Please, please, please---just shut up!


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Good grief, no kidding. What amazes me most about Pat is that this guy wanted to be a politician, yet has some of the poorest judgment when it comes to opening his mouth.

But, it's always amusing seeing the secular media try to make Pat the spokesman for evangelicals everywhere. After all, we are all issued "What Would Pat Do" bracelets.


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