Skipping Christmas (Part 2)

A couple of interesting comments to yesterday's post debating the topic of selfishness. Is it selfish to have a Sunday services? Asking too much of your leaders and/or your people? Or is it selfish not to go to church on Christmas Day?

On the one hand, I think Christians ought to extend a little courtesy to each other. If someone feels that God is leading them to go in a certain direction, we should give them some leeway. There's way too much judging and fighting over things that aren't really worthy of debate, let alone all out war.

But on the other hand, there are definite trends in Christianity today that are of great concern to me...and some things that are worthy of defending...things that merit "contending for the faith." I'm really concerned that the consumer-focused mentality has led churches to sacrifice some of the things that we really can't afford to do without. If we keep giving in on point after point, there will soon be no distinction left. I believe unsaved people who come to church should be welcome, but if the message and the music and the length and the format and everything else in the service is trimmed so as to not offend them, we're going to end up (if we haven't already) with a lowest common denominator mush that bears little resemblance to Bible Christianity.

Our church is having services Christmas Eve (3) and Christmas Day (1)--same service each time. We have made the decision to go on Sunday morning. I don't think that makes us any better or more spiritual than the people who choose to go on Saturday. But I have to tell you that I'm glad the church is allowing us the option. I'd be disappointed if they didn't have Sunday services.


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