Skipping Christmas

Maybe you've seen the uproar over the decision by a number of large churches not to hold services on Sunday because it's Christmas day. I think that's a very poor decision, but as usual, my buddy Dan Burrell said it much better:

Multiple people sent me the press releases on the “mega-churches” that decided en masse to cancel Sunday services on Christmas day and wondered what I thought of it. As you might expect, I have several thoughts. First, I think it is shockingly absurd. Yes! Let’s have a celebration commemorating the birth of our Savior! But let’s not let it interfere with really important things like watching our kids open a vulgar amount of mindless toys and then stuffing ourselves silly before collapsing on the couch to watch the Seinfeld Series DVD’s we got for Christmas. IMHO, I think this is just fairly typical of what has made this generation’s church slovenly ineffective. We want a faith that costs us little – therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that it accomplishes little. We can gussy it up by having Christmas Eve services or designating the day as a "celebration of family", etc…, but in the end, we KNOW what the real motivation was. Selfishness. Would it have been too difficult to have a one-hour celebration of Christmas sometime during the day that is actually set aside to commemorate the birth of Christ? I also find disturbing, the report that the leadership teams of a conglomeration of mega-churches apparently dialogued privately before making the decision as a group. So, let’s get this right, trendy churches are now setting trends for what should be embraced by the rest of us, right? Nah, that’s why I’m an “Independent” Baptist.


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Lores Rizkalla said...

Interesting take on the issue. I'm part of a church--not a mega church by any definition--that has also cancelled church for this Sunday. Instead, we have had two extra services and a total of 6 services dedicated to commemorating and celebrating Jesus' birth and its impact on our lives and our culture.

In a church like ours, it would be selfish to actually hold a service on Sunday since so many people will be out of town for Christmas.

I realize that this issue is about mega churches. However, I cannot help but wonder if the same issues might affect all churches.

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The size of the church is irrelevant and rescheduling a service because it makes OUR own traditions and agenda more convenient is EXACTLY the problem. To suggest it would be "selfish" to actually hold a service is contrived -- the same excuse could be made any week-end as in "It's the only day our people have to rest." Isn't it interesting that when Christmas fell on Sunday in previous cycles (and I'm old enough to remember several others) that no one cancelled church and this was not a "national" issue...just this year. Perhaps we are seeing a particularly large landmark passing by in the devolution of the church of this generation.


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