A Question for Contemporary Churches

Just wondering...

If you've tossed hymns for more modern music, to appeal to the modern audience, how come you still sing Christmas carols? After all, the words are as (or even more) arachic as those you find in hymns. And while the carols may be a little more culturally familiar than hymns, the growing rise of secularism is eroding even that.

I am a conservative in many ways, not the least of which is that I believe many of the good things of the past should be preserved and brought forward into the future. The desire for "relevance" has, in my opinion, driven many people off the rails into territory so uncharted that they may never return whence they came. So maybe, just maybe, if old songs are good enough for four Sundays a year, they might also work for the other 48?

In Words, as Fashions, the same Rule will hold;
Alike Fantastick, if too New, or Old;
Be not the first by whom the New are try’d,
Nor yet the last to lay the Old aside.

Alexander Pope -- "An Essay on Criticism"


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Ah, excellent post.


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