Ayotte v Planned Parenthood

Today the Supreme Court heard arguments in the highly-anticipated abortion case Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. This is the first abortion case of any significance to be heard in five years. (Which begs a pretty serious question for those who see abortion as the only issue to care about in judicial appointments.)

If the President had appointed a serious, proven conservative like Sam Alito back in October, he would be on the court today (well, see the next point for a caveat) rather than the anything but pro-life Sandra Day O'Connor. This failure on his part may well come back to haunt the pro-life position Bush claims to share.

If the Republican majority in the Senate would act like a majority, Alito would at least have already begun his hearings, if not have been confirmed, rather than having them still be some six weeks away. The truth is that I have no confidence in these 55 men and women to somehow confirm this outstandingly qualified man to the Court.

Those of us who are conservatives have much to regret...and I'm afraid so will millions more unborn children who could have been protected...if only.


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

I heard something on this, will have to check it out again, but I thought I heard Sandy Day probably wouldn't end up voting on this case. Hope not, anyway.


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