On Hannity and Colmes tonight, Congressman Steve King of Iowa said that 58% of the Mexican population believes they have a RIGHT to come to the United States. He didn't cite the source for the statistic, but that is truly remarkable. Based on the current population of Mexico, that represents about 60,000,000 people who believe they should be allowed to migrate north!

I am firmly in favor of legal immigration. The "tired and poor, [the] huddled masses" are the foundation of our country. We need to keep the doors open. I have a Mexican brother-in-law, who is a great guy. But he didn't swim the river to get here. He went through the red tape, the hassle of incompetent bureaucracy, and reams of paperwork--and that was before he married my sister! There needs to be a way for people to get here by the rules, and I believe we should stringently enforce the rules against all those who take advantage of our generosity and benefits.

Today the President bragged on reducing the time to deport non-Mexican illegals to 32 days. That's 31 days too long! If we do not get serious about our border, we are putting our kids and our future at risk. Knowing there may be 60 million people planning to exercise their "right" to move in any day should heighten our attention and get busy fixing the problem.


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