One Man Can Make a Difference

Arizona Congressman J. D. Hayworth refused to take it anymore. Tired of the dissembling and defeatism of the Democrats, he bullied his colleagues in the Republican caucus into forcing them to put or shut up on Iraq. From the howls of outrage that arose from the left side of the aisle, it was clear that they knew how dangerous this resolution was to their political aspirations.

Let me be clear. There is much to criticize about the way the administration has prosecuted the war. There have been false starts and failures along the way. But this claim that we are "losing the war" is both wrong and dangerous. By making such statements, Democrats are failing in the responsibility members of both parties have to put the country's interests first, especially in time of war.

There is something fundamentally un-serious about suggesting an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. And despite all the protests to the contrary, that does seem to be the only proposal being put forward by the Democrats. They have no alternative real plan to offer. So congratulations to J. D. Hayworth for forcing them to go on the record. Today he made a difference.


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