Hurricane Katrina Update

I've posted before about the tragedy that the Lakeshore Baptist Church suffered from Hurricane Katrina. Every member of the church except one lost their homes. The church building was completely wiped out. The pastor Don Elbourne posts (incredibly moving) photos from time to time here.

Today I want to make you aware of an effort that's underway to bring Christmas to this devastated church family and their community. Rebuild Lakeshore is the clearinghouse for the coordination of supplies, food, toys, decorations, and the other things that will make Christmas special for some hurting people. As you think about what you're going to do for Christmas for your own family, church and community, why not include these good people on your list?

I can guarantee you that no present you open Christmas morning will even come close to giving you the feeling you'll get from knowing some family in Mississippi that lost everything will at least still have Christmas. Please do whatever you can today.


At 8:03 AM, Blogger Dan Burrell said...

Thanks, Bob, for telling us about this. As I type this, we've got 25 people on our travel bus heading to Don's to spend a week doing clean-up and construction. We filled the bus and a U-Haul with relief supplies. It will be good to send gifts during our next wave.


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