Is Scooter Libby Going to Walk?

Credit Check Chuck has been in the news lately for his (totally hypocritical) call on President Bush not to pardon Scooter Libby. Frankly, given what we're seeing come out, the odds are pretty good that there isn't going to be any need for a pardon. It's hard to see how Libby's going to be convicted given the realities of what journalists actually knew about Valerie Plame and her odious husband and their animus toward the President that are starting to come out.

Today, Tom Maguire blew the lid of Mrs. Alan Greenspan's (better known as Andrea Mitchell) backpedalling to try to get away from her statement two years ago that it was "widely known" among reporters where Valerie Plame worked. Check out the whole post, with some beautifully snarky questions for the reporters, but here's the key point:

From "The Capitol Report, Oct 3, 2003, just following the news of the criminal referral which moved this story onto the front pages:
Murray: Do we have any idea how widely known it was in Washington that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA?

Mitchell: It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community and who were actively engaged in trying to track down who among the foreign service community was the envoy to Niger. So a number of us began to pick up on that.

She's going to make an awfully interesting witness for the defense when she gets called under oath...and she's going to have lots of company up there...including Tim Russert, who is a walking conflict of interest everytime he opens his mouth on Meet the Press. How can NBC allow him to continue to cover and comment on a story in which he is a key player? What a joke!


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