Grandparents' Day

Well I've returned from the big trip (which explains the lack of pontifications and rants over the past few days). The college Rhonda attends held a "Grandparents' Day" and my parents wanted to go. So I flew to Nashville and drove them up to see her...and of course it didn't hurt my feelings to be there either!

We had a lot of fun. Her choir performed (beautifully) in the choral concert, we kicked through the yellow leaves--not many of those in Arizona, picked up a few things she needed at the indispensable Wal-Mart, and just generally hung out and had a good time. Saturday night I took Mom and Dad home, and spent the night in my teenage bedroom...which is cleaner than I remember it for some reason!

As the saying goes, a good time was had by all.


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mom said the college kids laugh at Rhonda's enthusiasm for falling leaves and rain. The J's have the same enthusiasm. After all those years of living in the desert, the first few times it rained they stood at the big living room window and stared entranced at the raindrops. Every drop of water was precious in El Triunfo, and I still reflect on that sometimes as I throw out water here that I would have recylced (at least once!) there. One time after a rare rainful a sprig of grass popped up in our bare front yard. I enjoyed the bit of green immensely until a horse came by and ate it! Oh well!!



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