Sour Grapes from the Pro-Miers Ranks

Much weeping and wailing has gone on over the split in the Republican ranks caused by the nomination of Harriet Miers. Those of us who opposed her have been blamed for the tone of our rhetoric. Oh really? Here's what I've found already this morning said about people like me.

According to D J Drummond, we're [illegitimate].

According to John at Blogotional, we're cannibals.

According to Lowell at Hedgehog, we're "unfair, short-sighted, and guilty of flabby reasoning"

Somehow I don't think that kind of language supports healing an intra-party rift. And one final thing. Could we please stop talking about this as Borking? That's an insult to an infinitely qualified and proven conservative judge--a man who was everything Harriet Miers was not. There is no comparison or correlation between the two.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Amen on your Borking comment. Gracious.


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