Coach Bear Would Have Loved It

Alabama's 6-3 win over Tennessee Saturday was a throwback to the old days--hard hitting defense, forcing crucial turnovers, and big plays on special teams to set up points. Coach Bear would have loved it. Tennesse had first and goal three times...and scored only three points. A defense that rises up and stuffs the other team was the hallmark of the great championship teams of the great coach. (The 61 team--his first national title winner gave up 25 points in 11 games!)

And for the first time in Mike Shula's tenure, the Tide rose to the challenge and beat one of our two traditional rivals...and at the same time Auburn was discovering the meaning of wide right, wide left, and off the goal post, missing five field goals in an overtime loss to LSU. If Bama can find a little more offense (boy do we miss Tyrone Prothro!), we've got a decent shot at running the table. Wow. Who would have thunk it?


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