The Fastest Three Days of my Life

On the sundial in our back yard is the inscription tempus fugit. Never has that Latin proverb proven more true than the past three days. Our time with our daughter home from college is rapidly drawing to a close. It's been wonderful to have her here again. The house is more like home when she's here.

Right now she and her mother are putting up the fall decorations. And at least I know she's coming home again in another month for Thanksgiving! I'll start counting the days tomorrow.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Rebecca Aguilar said...


Sounds like y'all have had a great weekend together. You all must be extremely proud of Rhonda, her sweet character and many accomplishments. Judy turns 13 next Friday, and I am very sentimental myself about the first J turning into a teenager (not to mention how scary that is!). My gray hairs are increasing!

Chow for now.



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