Water Seeks Its Own Level

The nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court is rapidly shaping up to be the worst of all worlds for President Bush, the Republican Party, the religious right, and conservatives. Having been told to "wait and see" ("trust me" not having gone over so well), we've done that--and the results aren't pretty. Miers' questionaire has rasied more questions than it answered.

How is it a possible for a woman supposedly known for her attentiveness to detail to give a commencement address at a major American university on a "date not available"? Has this woman ever heard of google? Are there no working phones in the White House that can call Texas and get a simple answer? How is it possible for a woman supposedly known for her attentiveness to detail to allow her bar license to lapse--not once, but twice, in two different jurisdictions?

I am astounded at the level of incompetence the supposedly accomplished woman demonstrated in what is arguably the most important document she has written in her life to this point--her answers to the Senate committee that will confirm her (or not). When you produce a document with numerous ommissions, errors of structure and fact, and frankly, little but platitudes when asked to state a philosophical structure, it does not speak well for your chances.

Is there no one at the White House who is paying attention to what is going on in the real world? Do they not notice (or care about) the effect this is having on the conservative movement and the Republican Party? President Bush is going to be in office for three more years. It seems logical to assume that he is going to want to accomplish a few things during that time...and it is inescapable that he is doing things that will make that more difficult if not impossible.


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