Really Good News from Iraq

The security plan designed and executed by US and Iraqi forces has apparently dramatically succeeded. As best I can tell from the news reports, there were three (Update--the total now has reached 13, but that still compares to almost 350 during the January elections) terrorist attacks in the entire country! No one was killed, and only three people were wounded. This has to be considered rather remarkable given the stakes. Now four elections in a row (2 in Afghanistan and 2 in Iraq) have been carried out without any serious disruptions.

Reports also say that voting was heavy in the Kurdish north and the Shiite south. Apparently the Sunnis are still living in denial, and somehow thinking that they can just keep sitting out the process and yet still have a voice. It would be like Rhode Island (the last of the 13 colonies to approve the Constitution) having never voted to accept it, yet still expecting to influence the course of the US government--and pouting when their concerns weren't heeded. Somebody needs to sit these guys down and do some splainin!

The Iraqi Constitution isn't perfect...but it does provide a framework and an opportunity for further progress. All together, this has been a really good day.


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