A Truly Elite Critique of Miers

The (false) charge of elitism regarding the opponents of Harriet Miers has been refuted several times on this blog. Now at last comes a truly elite critique. Including this (hat tip The Corner):

She was an unknown, undistinguished and of no importance to me:
But Bush says she is conservative;
And Bush is an honorable man.
She hath brought unqualified minorities home to our universities,
Whose enrollments did diversity expand:
Did this in Miers seem conservative?
When that the gay lobby has whined, Miers hath responded;
Conservatism should be made of sterner stuff:
Yet Bush says she is a conservative;
And Bush is an honorable man.

OUCH. Who knew Shakespeare opposed her too? Oh and don't miss "I am no orator, as Bush is"!!!!


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