The Non-Elite "Elites"

One of the most amazing and mystifying arguments brought to bear on those of us who oppose the nomination of Harriet Miers is that we're guilty of "elitism." Her opponents have been characterized as the "Beltway elites," the "intellectual priesthood" and the "conservative intellectual chorus."

The thing that's so amazing about this point is that, while I certainly hope to be intelligent, I'm a long way being part of the priesthood! And that's true of so many other opponents as well. We're a long way from Washington, and we're not "pouting," "hyperventilating," "losing our minds," throwing a "hissy fit," having a "knee-jerk reaction," nor are we by any stretch of the imagination leaders of the movement.

Dan Burrell is a pastor from North Carolina
Jeff Kouba is a telecom genius from Minnesota
R G Combs is a libertarian from California
Steven Bainbridge is a law professor at UCLA

I could go on all day...the opposition to Harriet Miers is wide and varied and deep. It's not all Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingrahm and the National Review and Captain Ed Morrisey and Polipundit and David Frum and John Fund and...wait a minute. Do you start to see a pattern here?

I know we're stuck with it now. Bush can't very well withdraw the nomination. (Remember Muskie being behind Eagleton 1000%?) I'm left to hope and wish and pray that Harriet Miers isn't the second coming of a cross between David Souter and Sandra Day O'Connor. And no one has a single shread of proof past "trust me" that she isn't!


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