Bush's Self-Inflicted Wound

The defenders of the Bush pick of Harriet Miers use as one of their main talking points the nature of the Republican majority in the Senate. They argue that since the Senators aren't conservative enough, Bush couldn't count on them in a showdown, and therefore was justified in nominating another stealth candidate to the bench.

NONSENSE AND HOGWASH. If the Republican Senators aren't conservative enough, the fault lies at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. When George Bush made the decision to get actively involved in the Republican primary opposing the principled conservative Pat Toomey in favor of the loathsome liberal Arlen Specter, he sealed his fate. (He probably also lost Pennsylvania for himself, but that's a story for another day.) By supporting a liberal over a conservative, he sent a message to Snowe and Collins and Chafee and the rest that, no matter how much they buck him, he will still back them. No wonder they feel no compunction at defying the White House. So quit telling me that Bush's excuse is that he can't count on the Senators---it's his own fault! He had the opportunity to make the Senate more conservative, and instead worked hard on purpose to accomplish exactly the opposite.


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I answered before, Pat Toomey didn't have what it took to get elected statewide here in Pennsylvania, Bush support or not. I wouldn't spend a minute of my time or a penny of my hard eaned money and neither would anyone of the other conservatives here in Chester County (the most conservative county in PA). The conservatives really blew it on that one. We are now going to have to fight hard to keep Rick Santorum who also supported Arlen Fence-sitter and is firmly behind GWB. Conservatism as I have been trying to explain to everyone is losing it's appeal to to the middle of the road voter because we do not get out and educate people or do enough recruiting. We spend too much time arguing with each other about how unconservative (is that a word?) the other one is. All I'm trying to do at this point is get people back on the same page standing against the the terrorists and the left (there's not a dime's worth of difference there to me) with GWB on the war . You get what you want sometimes and the other gets what they want as long as it isn't what the dems want. I'm soon going to go back into retirement because I'm already seeing that it's going to take a lot of time and energy in this to change the mindset back into being winners instead of whiners. It may not be worth it to me anymore. Newt was really good at that but the conservatives tossed him aside like yesterday's paper too after he did so much to get conservatives to control the HoR.


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