The Most Ridiculous Pro-Miers Argument Yet

Yes, my unbelieving readers, this argument in support of Harriet Miers is even more ridiculous than Marvin Olasky's coffee and donuts defense! Here comes Carol Liebau wading into the fray in a post rather ironically titled "A Misguided Argument":

"Given that Ms. Miers came through that firm in pre-sexual harassment, pre-flex and pre-mommy track time, the fact that she rose from being the firm's first female hire to its president tells me that her performance had to be at least as good as that of a regular partner in a firm."

Oh give me a break. She wasn't a mommy! She never got married. She never had kids. Not having had the unneeded advantage of a mommy track to aid her rise hardly impresses as a sign of her abilities. People can debate the value of running a law firm as a credential for the Supreme Court (color me unconvinced) but to argue that overcoming obstacles she didn't face to get there is somehow a recommendation for her is just silly.


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