Broken Levees

We saw an incredible sight as the water poured over the levees of New Orleans. The flow of water cascading into the city was an unforgetable demonstration of the power of nature.

There's another break in our defenses. Because it is not as easy to show on the evening news, it does not draw the attention that the flood did. And there's no denying the tremendous devastation wrought by the flood of water. But the silent flood over our other broken levee poses a much greater long-term threat.

Two days ago, the "Fed Ex Bandit", Farzad Naroli, was apprehended at the Mexican border. This man, who confessed that he robbed more than 40 banks was not caught fleeing the country. Instead, he was caught trying to once again enter the country (again) even though he was an illegal alien! An Iranian national, this robber has been traveling across the border for years to rob banks, and then returning to Mexico to hide out.

The fact that in this day of the war on terror that an Iranian illegal immigrant can move freely back and forth across our borders is a terrifying threat to our national security. This guy only wanted to come in and take out our money...others of his countrymen and co-religionists would be delighted to come in and take out our people.

I voted for President Bush twice. I think he is a good man, trying to do a good job in difficult times. But if he does not get serious about illegal immigration--and make no mistake, right now he is not--he will not go down as a successful President when it comes to the most important resposiblity he has, that of protecting our nation.

PS Nominating the well-connected but poorly qualified Julie Myers to be the director of ICE shows Bush's lack of serious commitment to dealing with illegal immigration. If you don't know who Julie Myers is, check out Michelle Malkin for the gory details.


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