Miers, Myers, and Bush

President Bush has nominated Harriet Miers, White House Counsel, to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court. First mentioned as a possibility by David Frum back in July (and he's not thrilled with the pick) she has to be regarded as a very dark horse nomination.

Aside from Harriet Miers' unquestioned loyalty to President Bush, she possesses few obvious qualifications for the job. Somehow running the Texas Lottery Commission just doesn't stack up very well compared to John Roberts' resume--or that of Edith Jones, Karen Williams, or any of a number of other women Bush could have named. Many people despise and abhor the legal views of Antonin Scalia, but no one questions his brilliance. Remember Bush's promise to pick judges in his mold? Not so much. This pick is instead reminiscent of the nomination of Julie Myers to head ICE. Being the neice of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff and the wife of the Director of Homeland Security's chief of staff just doesn't cut it at any time, but especially during the war on terror.

Two women, well-connected, well-known in the corridors of power, and nice enough by every account, but without the stature or accomplishments required by their jobs. I thought Bush was against affirmative action...

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UPDATE II: Here's why Hugh Hewitt is wrong to support Miers as the most qualified woman Bush could have appointed.


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