The Trouble with Harry(et)

It's hard to know what the President's intention is in nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Rush Limbaugh said it was a sign of weakness. Bill Kristol called in "depressed and demoralized." I'm pretty sure Mr. Bush wasn't trying to drive a wedge between himself and his base--but it seems like he's at least started one.

I think Miers probably leans conservative (although "Trust us" isn't really what conservatives were looking for), and that Bush's plan is to place another "stealth" nominee on the bench without a nasty fight. But here's the problem with that approach. If something comes up during the hearing--if there's something hiding under a rock somewhere that leads the Democrats to oppose her strongly--there just isn't going to be a willingness to go to the wall on the part of the most conservative Republicans to save an unknown quantity.

Perhaps those of us on the right should be giving Mr. Bush the benefit of the doubt. But we already did that with Roberts. Having to do it again is a lot to ask.


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