Voting in Iraq

In just a few hours, Iraqis (lots of them if the polling data from there is to be believed) will vote on their proposed constitution. After months of haggling, eleventh, twelfth, and even thirteenth hour changes, the document that would govern the permanent (well at least until amended) political structure of the country is being put to the people. The Shite majority backed away from their attempt to rig the outcome by changing the definition of 2/3 majority approval, and the latest revision prodded at least a few Sunni leaders to stick their necks out (literally) in support of the constitution.

Bill Roggio at the Fourth Rail has a typically thorough evaluation of the security situation and the groundwork that's been laid over the past few weeks to try to limit the election-related violence. One of the real encouraging things to me is that so far, through two elections in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, the terrorists (could we please, please, please stop calling them insurgents?) have been very limited in their ability to disrupt things. By tomorrow's evening news, I hoping to see a lot of purple fingers again (and by the way Wisconsin, that would work to cut down voter fraud for you too!).


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