Who Would Jesus Hire?

While filling in for Hugh Hewitt this afternoon, Jed Babbin sparked a firestorm by bringing up the subject of illegal immigration. Caller after caller--conservative, Republican and Christian by their own statements--took Jed to task and said they had no alternative but to hire illegals for their small businesses. "We don't have a choice" ran the constant refrain.

Illegal immigration is a huge issue, both from the standpoint of our national security during the war on terror, and from the standpoint of the enormous financial and societal costs it entails. Yet one after another, people were lining up to defend illegal immigration--and more specifically hiring illegals--in the name of necessity.

Frankly, it's time to apply some "supply side economics" to the problem. If we cut off the supply of jobs, most of the immigration problems would take care of themselves. And while this is something the government could do a lot to fix, it is also a problem that people who describe themselves as "conservative, Republican and Christian" could work to fix as well. Yes, it would require considerable financial sacrifice. Yes, it might mean they would have to change their business model and practices. But isn't living the Christian life supposed to require sacrifice? "Take up your cross" and all that?

Would Jesus hire an illegal immigrant to save a few bucks? I submit that the One who paid taxes even when He didn't owe them to ensure He maintained His testimony would not.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Sean Braisted said...

I certainly doubt Jesus would hire an illegal alien. Just look at the serom on the temple mount...

and Jesus said "Blessed are the naturalized citizens, for they shall inherit the jobs of other naturalized citizens"

and "Let he who is without a greencard, be the first to take the bus back to Mexico."

I think Jesus would say to hire the most needy person there is, and to give them the best wage you can afford, seeing as in Jesus' time they didn't really have citizenship papers, I doubt that he would look at were a person was born. After all, we are all God's children.

At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Keven Eldridge said...

Jesus would not hire an undocumented immigrant. Nor would a supporter of an amnesty for illegal immigrants, use their personal financial resources to sponsor one.

I am appalled by the claim that undocumented workers do jobs that Americans won't do. Such a claim is a slap in the face to Americans working in construction, hospitality, and farming, etc. There is no shortage of workers! There is a shortage of businesses willing to pay a living wage.

I am not against Latinos, coming to find a means for improving their lives, to support their families back home. Who can blame them? On the other hand, an influx of low skilled workers, willing to work for a fraction of the wages paid to Americans, further drives down the earning potential of our citizens, leading to high rates of unemployment, limited access to healthcare and education, just to name a few.

Keven Eldridge
Editor, www.theconstituency.com


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