A Complete Misunderstanding of History

Not content to slander principled conservatives by calling us cannibals and saying we "Borked" Harriet Miers--neither of which is true--John at Blogotional today repeats one of the liberals' favorite canards against Ronald Reagan. He wrote:

Reagan was "The Great Communicator." Churchill won the war with his words. Reagan turned the country around, less because of his policy and more because he made people feel good about being Americans again, using his communication skills.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It absolutely was Reagan's conservative policies--tax cuts, strong military, pro-America--that changed people's views and turned this country around. Yes, he was an incredibly gifted speaker, but then so was Bill Clinton (for all his other faults). You cannot turn a nation around simply with well-chosed and well-spoken words. Those words must convey ideas--deep seated beliefs and principles--that have the power to shape people's thoughts and dreams.

It is really disappointing to see a good conservative like John fall into the liberal trap of degrading the power of President Reagan's deeply-held conservative beliefs.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Well said. Yes, Reagan had a way of communicating with us unlike almost any other politician, but if he were selling bath soap, would we remember him in the same way? No, he was leading the way to a better America with his policies, and that's why we followed him.


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